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For most drivers, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) are wonderful vehicle features, aiding both safety and convenience. However, one of the biggest downsides is that these systems are manufacturer-specific, meaning it can be difficult to understand which specific components are on your vehicle, what they’re called, and what type of service they need. This benefits dealerships by forcing drivers to rely on them for answers and service. But we have great news for owners of ADAS-equipped vehicles in Knoxville, Tennessee! You do indeed have a choice. CARE Calibration Alignment Repair Experts is trained and equipped to calibrate ADAS regardless of the make or model you drive. That’s right! We do them all. How convenient is that? Our location is convenient, too, just off Alcoa Highway at 3206 West Governor John Sevier Highway Knoxville, TN 37920. Making an appointment is just that easy, too. You can schedule online or by calling us at 865-253-7770.

Why Professional Service is Critical

Although some auto repairs require only general, basic knowledge, ADAS calibration isn’t one of them. First, measurements and adjustments must be extremely precise. Even the most minimal difference in settings can drastically change performance. For instance, a change of less than one degree in sensor orientation can double the amount of time needed for your automatic emergency braking protection to work! Also, correct calibration is not a matter of adjusting one part or area. The whole system needs to be calibrated to ensure everything is as safe as it should be. And since components and related calibrations are unique to each model, it’s crucial that your service provider knows what can be adjusted and what must be replaced using OEM parts. For example, the bumper of a car that contains non-adjustable sensors will need to be replaced with another specific to that vehicle once that bumper has been compromised. Replacement with an aftermarket auto body part or attempting to move the sensors is not a possibility. That’s why the level of service at CARE Calibration Alignment Repair Experts is so important. We know the requirements for every vehicle and we’re prepared to meet all manufacturer standards.

ADAS Applications

  • ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control | Automatic Emergency Braking
  • LDW: Lane Departure Warning | Lane Keeping Assist
  • NVS: Night Vision System | Adaptive Front Lighting
  • BSP: Blind Spot Detection | Blind Spot Intervention
  • AVM: Around View Monitoring | Pedestrian Protection System
  • RCW: Rear Collision Warning | Automatic Parking
  • HUD: Head-Up Display | Driver Drowsiness Monitor
  • FFC: Forward-Facing Camera | Forward Collision Warning

Additional Services That Benefit You

Beyond technical services, we also provide other related conveniences that are important to making your ADAS calibration experience easy. CARE Calibration Alignment Repair Experts protect your auto repair investment by covering our work with a warranty. What’s more, we’re affiliated with TechNet, a clear sign that our shop is committed to high quality work performed by certified technicians. For your convenience, we also offer financing options. Make sure you get both the exceptional caliber of work and outstanding customer service you deserve at your next ADAS calibration. Choose CARE Calibration Alignment Repair Experts as your dealer alternative!

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