Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment in Knoxville, Tennessee

More Than an Alignment

Professionalism and Precision Matter

Your vehicle may need more than standard protocol service. Wheel alignments may not be the same for all vehicles, and if you operate a driver-assist-equipped model, your automobile likely requires some extra attention when getting aligned. You need a professional who can restore the precise calibration tolerances specified by your automaker. For most people, that means a trip back to a dealership. However, CARE Calibration Alignment Repair Experts in Knoxville, Tennessee, can complete your wheel alignment and offer any ADAS-related services for all makes and models. We are the only shop in town that can do that due to brand-specific components and requirements. With certified technicians, why would you choose anyone else? We’re easy to reach just off the Alcoa Highway at 3206 West Governor John Sevier Highway Knoxville, TN 37920. Call us at 865-253-7770 or use our online scheduling feature to make an appointment.